Mayabeque, Cuba_ Journalists and filmmakers from the provinces of Mayabeque and Artemisa participated in the course for the reduction of risk disaster and adaptation to climate change.

The aim of the workshop was to integrate knowledge about the communication processes related to this subject, to raise public awareness and to increase the perception of risk to natural, health or technological disasters.

Experts from the Environment Agency, the Institute of Oceanology, the University of Havana and other institutions offered tools to produce radio and audiovisual products that contribute to the preservation of the human species and the care of the environment.

They also reported on the studies of danger, vulnerability and risk (PVR) in Cuba, and the most recent results in Mayabeque and Artemisa, as well as work on mangrove ecosystems, the third barrier to coastal protection.

Vladimir Collado, director of the Center for Risk Management in Mayabeque, explained about the early warning system, its operation and the territorial planning plan in terms of prevention, preparedness response and recovery to a weather event, drought and change climate.

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