Mayabeque, Cuba_ A form for the animal feed in the bovine branch is being implemented in the Business Unit of Bioproceso Cuba 10, of Quivicán. 

A multidisciplinary group composed of specialists from that center and the Cuban Research Institute on Sugarcane Derivatives (ICIDCA), along with engineer Carlos Bravo, materialized the idea.

The product is rich in proteins, which constitute raw material from the alcohol distillery, belonging to the AZCUBA business group.

Carlos Bravo, principal author, said that it will be applied on pastures and forages that in dry weather are of very poor quality and do not meet the levels.

The Food Production Center: Derivado Mayabeque will carry out this test and it will be extended to different distilleries in the country to contribute to the substitution of imports.

The ICIDCA project group designed the technology of the plant where they will process the formulation and thus comply with the closed cycle of the research.

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