Mayabeque, Cuba_ The conservation of orchids through in vitro cultivation is one of the techniques applied in the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (INCA), located in San Jose de las Lajas, capital of Mayabeque, Radio Camoa publishes. 

After reproducing them in glass containers, the vitro plants grow in laboratories and months later they deliver them to adapt them to the natural environment, according to experts from that house of high studies.

The Doctor of Ecological Sciences Rolando Pérez, responsible for the phytogeography studies of orchids in Cuba, who visited the scientific institution noted: "as conceived in a sterile area, it is very difficult to incorporate them into their natural habitat, so they are preserved from fungi, pests, humidity and other external agents ".

Some 400 plants are in the growing process, and the institution aims to deliver species to the National Botanical Garden and for commercialization.

Investigating about the Cuban orchideoflora, the conservation of the species and the environmental education are among the missions of INCA, while conducting scientific competitions involving foreign specialists and has a small bank to conserve seeds in the medium and long term.


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