San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque_The more than 400 workers of the National Center of Agricultural Health (CENSA) carried out their Annual Assembly to make evident the commitment to make more science for the Revolution and the people. 

The scenario chosen for the meeting was the Agrarian University "Fructuoso Rodríguez Pérez" of the capital of Mayabeque, according to the Radio Camoa website.

Trade unionists raised their voices against the United States blockade against Cuba, and how this unjust law has affected the country, and specifically CENSA with innumerable damages in revenues, obtaining reagents and international relations, among other areas, the doctor Ondina León Díaz, General Director, explained.

The appointment was favorable to recognize the group for the effort made in the recovery from the damage of Hurricane Irma, as well as the presentation of the video "What Irma left us."

The new structure of the scientific institution was also explained by the Subdirector General of Technical, Material and Professional Insurance, and to that end the directive clarified details of the changes that had taken place in the Ministry of Higher Education and the orientation to all its entities for its implementation.

They also specified details about the provincial ceremony commemorating the first anniversary of the physical disappearance of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

As the culmination of the exchange, the workers of the institute made very clear the commitment to "keep moving forward, without hurry, but without pause".

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