Mayabeque, Cuba__ Madruga entities will hold the Base Science and Technology Forum, until next June, to evaluate solutions and alternatives carried out in the locality.

Mayabeque, Cuba__ The Fourth Provincial Workshop Por los caminos de la Ciencia takes place in the Mixed Center Enrique Hart Dávalos of San José de las Lajas, with the participation of Víctor Mestre and Camilo Cienfuegos primary schools, Radio Camoa publishes.

Mayabeque, Cuba__ The achievement of new Cuban varieties of rice is the result of researches carried out in Pinar del Río’s, Los Palacios Technological Scientific Unit belonging to the National Institute of Agricultural Science (INCA) in Mayabeque, the digital site of Radio Camoa publishes.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The scientific development of this province is the result of Fidel's personal occupation. The foundation of institutions such as the National Center of Agricultural Health (CENSA), the Institutes of Agricultural Sciences (INCA), Animal (ICA), Horticultural Liliana Dimitrova or the Agrarian University recall the constant days of work that at any time and day of the week were held in the presence of the Commander-in-Chief.

Mayabeque, Cuba__ A paradisiacal site of nature, where man's hand is added to improve it, is precisely the representative enclave of the municipality of Quivicán: the Liliana Dimitrova Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHLD), which not only names a scientific institution, but a collective of excellence that radiates its productions to the whole nation.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The National Meeting on Agricultural Innovation 2016, of the Local Agricultural Innovation Project (PIAL) will take place on November 29 and 30, the digital site of Radio Camoa publishes.