Mayabeque, Cuba_ Athletes from Mayabeque are training at the Aldo Caballero accommodation center, in San Nicolás, to participate in the National Tennis Championship for the disabled. 

The teams of Artemisa and Mayabeque will travel under the direction of coach Redy Ortega Barrio, who aspires to occupy the first positions of the contest.

The selected ones are the Panamerican medalists Yuniel Fernández Izquierdo, of Artemisa, Jorge Félix Rodríguez Hidalgo, of Güines and Carlos Gabriel Díaz, of San José de las Lajas, this last member of the Cuban pre selection.

There will also participate medalists of national and provincial events such as the güinero Orlendy Díaz Hidalgo and José Martínez Domínguez, from the provincial capital, as well as the Rafael Norat Osorio from San Nicolás.

According to Alfredo Rodríguez, all will seek to go to the podium in the simple mode and in Dúo.

The contest is sponsored by the Cuban Association of Physical-Motors Limits (ACLIFIM) and will take place in the province of Holguin from 26 to 29 this month.

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