Mayabeque, Cuba__ Matanzas will host the strongest chess tournament in the country, elite category, with the presence of their two stellar figures, Grand Masters Leinier Dominguez from  Mayabeque, and Lazaro Bruzon, from Las Tunas, who will reappear in the event of this level to compete for the title.

The science game contest will be divided into two stages, the first of which will take place from 22 to 31 of this month with a dozen participants.

According to information published by the Giron newspaper, only three out of the group will advance to the next stage, from February 8th to 11th.

The Cuban Federation announced that in the first stage will participate four athletes who arrive to the tournament directly and the six classified in the zonal competitions, who will compete in the round-robin tournament.

Leinier and Bruzon will go directly to the discussion of the crown, as well as the monarch of the last three tournaments, Isan Ortiz from Holguin and Yuniesky Quesada and Yuri Gonzalez, from Villa Clara and Havana respectively, team that defended the Cuban Pavilion in the last World Olympiad.

The final stage will have another system in its development, with games of 25 minutes, and the three minutes Blitz, in order to avoid compromising the high coefficients Elo of its main competitors.

They also introduce changes in the competition format. It will be applied the matches system, with the ascents of four winners to the semifinals as a previous step for the fight between the two that survive that stage.

Though it is unusual for the events in the country, the experts appealed to this solution, at least temporarily, after the claims to reintegrate Leinier and Bruzon in the Cuban competition at that level.

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