Mayabeque, Cuba_ The Cuban School of Wushu of Health, founded and directed by Master Roberto Vargas Lee, carries out in San José de las Lajas, a training and improvement program for teachers of Taichí, KIKONG and other modalities, Radio Camoa website publishes. 

The first graduation of this project will be held on December 23 in the capital of Mayabeque, a date in which 6 teachers and sports activists will receive the certificate that accredits them as basic level instructors.

The training course was successfully conducted for three months where the main objective was fulfilled, to raise the technical level of the instructors, as well as to spread this knowledge to physical education teachers and rehabilitation experts, according to statements of the specialist in charge of that training Miguel Salazar Jiménez, first DUAN professor of KIKONG of Health in Havana.

Salazar Jiménez commented that this instruction will have a second edition in which it is expected a greater participation and presence of sports technicians from the rest of the municipalities of the demarcation.

This program of the Project of the Cuban School of Wushu of Health, continues in the capital of the young province, with another course that in February will graduate instructors of first advanced level.

With the knowledge that our professionals of sport, physical culture and recreation acquire, all practitioners of the different Chinese martial arts in the territory will also benefit.

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