Mayabeque, Cuba_ The 180th anniversary of the inauguration of the Havana-Güines Railroad was celebrated in this province. This important event opened a transport route for the fast, safe and cheap transfer of products from the Village of  Mayabeque to the Cuban capital.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The municipality of Madruga commemorated the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Ángel Ameijeiras Guerrilla Column, occurred in 1958. "First, it was founded by an order of the Commander in Chief," the President of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution (ACRC), in Madruga, Guillermo Calzadilla Valdés explained and added: "the order was to operate a front in the provinces of Havana and Matanzas and then a strategic place like La Frajela Farm was chosen".

Mayabeque, Cuba_ Investigations carried out in the municipality of Batabanó allows us to renew the current scenario of this territory, affected by climate change and the population growth.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ A woman working at the Bufalina Cattle Company El Cangre, in the municipality of Güines, is the responsible of a great part of the results and performance of this entity.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The presentation of the book Capablanca, Legend and Reality, by the author Miguel Sánchez, will take place this Tuesday, at 2:30 in the afternoon, in Güines.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The province of Mayabeque will host the Western Zonal Chess Final, in December, with the participation of representatives from Matanzas, Havana, Isla de la Juventud, Artemisa and the host territory.