Mayabeque, Cuba_ The reading celebration returns to Mayabeque as part of the twenty-seventh International Book Fair. San José de las lajas will hold the event whose main area will be placed at the Boulevard between April 11 and 15.

Mayabeque, Cuba__ The bees breeders grouped in the Base Business Unit of Mayabeque, increased the beekeeping production of the province. Of the 7520 beehives with which they thought to close, 2018 began with 8,125, of which 8045 are productive.  

The day arrived. The inhabitants of Mayabeque and in particular those of Güines were waiting for it. The reopening today of the Aleida Fernández Chardiet Clinical Surgical Hospital is the work of greatest social impact since the province was created in 2011. From now on, the number of specialized medical services with access to modern technologies is growing.  

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The Agroindustrial Company of Grains Mayabeque exceeds the production plan to date, since from the 650 tons planned for the state commission they delivered 1233, a figure that demonstrates the efficiency of this group and its contribution to the economy of the country. 

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The yudoka from San Nicolás,  Anailys Dorvigní, National Champion of the first category, will compete in the Pan-American Sport Championship, according to Félix Portuondo, Head of Coaches of the women's team.  

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The Reproductive Entomophagous and Entomopathogenic Center (CREE), of Batabanó, pride of the science in Mayabeque, ratified its fourth crown on the occasion of the eighty tour of the permanent group of urban, suburban and family agriculture through the territory.