It could be a coincidence, but these days I almost daily find persons wearing sweaters, pants, handkerchiefs, caps and garments where flags of other nations prevail, mainly that of the United States of America.

The incorrect use of the native symbols is the topic that I seek to approach in this comment, although I take the risk of not pleasing many people, but I will try to make my opinion to be close to reality.

The symbols of a country represent and identify that homeland and they represent the ethical, historical, patriotic, independence and sovereignty values, therefore they deserve the highest respect.

And I’m not only referring to what was mentioned at the beginning,   the Cuban flag have not also an appropriate use for ourselves, it is common to see it in key rings, garments, in its majority marketed by state establishments, and is this not incorrect?

It is true that it is not made on purpose, on the contrary, sometime it is used as an identifying object, but that doesn't discharge anybody from the responsibility.

With the opening of the reestablishment of relationships with United States, this is widely taken place, it is common to see daily in bicitaxis, cars, restaurants, cafeterias and other business, the flag of this country, with commercial purposes or with marked premeditation, mainly for the great public affluence they have.

There is also the degradation way in which sometimes they are exhibited in public activities and places which lessen all their value.

The symbols of a nation are precisely that: symbols and those who identify with them should give then the correct use, otherwise the disrespect and the vulgarity prevails as elements that distinguish and identify a region.

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