In just a few days it will back in the news, the rendering account of the delegate to their electors; once again who assumed the important popular personality will explain to those who trust them the confidence of representing their interests in the Municipal Assembly of People's Power about their management during the last six months.

How much can be done for the people, if we don’t turn the mission, get away from managing, distributing or commit to fail to carry out afterwards, are aspects to be banished from the delegates’ functions.

Making the most out of the integrated community work may be essential to analyze and propose solutions to the different difficulties.

These meetings involved all the factors of the community and although it is true that as the delegate, none of them has virtually anything to hand in, surely they have the support of the organization or body they represent to process and solve the situation.

Sometimes and not in few cases, the solution is in the same block, among the neighbors, and when a delegate who plays an important role, is an example for the community and worries about the performance of its functions, then the people will follow him.

Another important element to consider is never to deceive the voters, it is essential to tell the truth always no matter how hard it would be and take responsibilities, because sometimes the administrative entity does not have the solution, but what should not be missed is the timely and convincing explanation to who raised the issue.

Representing the people, cannot be a burden, on the contrary, a privilege not enjoyed by many and if you are part of those who in early November has to share with those who elected him, feel the joy of being able to do it with all responsibility, transparency and adherence to the law.

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