I have the word

At the beginning of this edition of the National Baseball Series under 23, few thought of a possible classification of the Mayabeque team to the semifinals.

With women we always have to count. They show their gifts putting in them a dose of love, tenderness, dedication and sacrifice to the daily hustle and bustle at home, in the work center, in the neighborhood and in each space.

The social justice is a fundamental principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence, within and between nations.

Fidel Castro Ruz built Cuba's unity because he embodied the nation's decency as the successor to the founders of the country. Fidel has united us forever because we are the seedbed of his life, the fruit of his work.

In just a few days it will back in the news, the rendering account of the delegate to their electors; once again who assumed the important popular personality will explain to those who trust them the confidence of representing their interests in the Municipal Assembly of People's Power about their management during the last six months.

Millions of Cubans and citizens of other nations are victims of the extraterritorial application of the greatest system of financial coercive measures imposed by the government of the United States.