I have the word

Noise is considered today as one of the main sources of environmental pollution and a global health problem. It is called in some contexts the invisible agent because its intangibility even leads to sometimes fail to establish a causal relationship between the discomfort felt in a certain place and the exposure to sounds of high decibels.

It was 10 o'clock in the morning of Saturday when I came to visit a friend's house, who was doing the housework while her 16-year-old daughter was lying in bed, enjoying the novels that she had just copied in her pen drive .

At the beginning of this edition of the National Baseball Series under 23, few thought of a possible classification of the Mayabeque team to the semifinals.

With women we always have to count. They show their gifts putting in them a dose of love, tenderness, dedication and sacrifice to the daily hustle and bustle at home, in the work center, in the neighborhood and in each space.

The social justice is a fundamental principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence, within and between nations.

Fidel Castro Ruz built Cuba's unity because he embodied the nation's decency as the successor to the founders of the country. Fidel has united us forever because we are the seedbed of his life, the fruit of his work.