Millions of Cubans and citizens of other nations are victims of the extraterritorial application of the greatest system of financial coercive measures imposed by the government of the United States.

In Mayabeque, the No to the Blockade is the sample of the rejection of the absurd policy that has damaged for more than half a century the functioning of the economy, the relations with third countries and even with the northern country.

Here are evident the damages in the field of public health, where the people freely access to such benefits in which the State invests large amounts of money to purchase equipment, medicines and other resources.

The same happens in the special education, in the biotechnology field, the sciences and other areas of economic and social impact where those measures obstruct the acquisition of supplies and modern equipment in the United States, besides the fines applied to other countries for more than five decades .

However, Mayabeque defies the blockade with public works. Just to mention some, I will refer to the hearing center recently located in the provincial capital, institution equipped with new high technology to treat the patients.

The National Centers for Animal Health (CENSA) and Biologicals (BioCen) also suffer the effects of the blockade; however, the experts who work there intensify the production of medicines, vaccines and other products of high-cost in the international market, essential to preserve human health.

Among those of greatest impact is Heberprot - P for the treatment of the diabetic foot ulcer, with satisfactory results in Argentina, besides having 17 patents, which is used at present in 13 countries and the interest of different European nations to buy it.

Other drugs widely used are Surfacen for the treatment of newborn with respiratory difficulties, the anti-recombinant and anti-allergic vaccines produced in the BioCen as well as the preparation of means of culture for clinical analysis, food industry and environment’s care.

The blockade to Cuba is a brutal act that increasingly allows these people to grow in the professional field and being better human beings. As the apostle of the independence wars of Cuba said: "A nation is made of men who resist and push and from the decorum that does not deprive the arrogant of his position, or lease his from his children’s rights”.

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