Fidel Castro Ruz built Cuba's unity because he embodied the nation's decency as the successor to the founders of the country. Fidel has united us forever because we are the seedbed of his life, the fruit of his work.

The Revolution he forged was conquered with the heroism and blood of his best sons, a handful of avant-garde men who in the Sierra and the plain bet on the verse of the National Anthem: Dying for the Country is Living.

Then a crowd became a free and united people and was willing to give their lives in Giron, El Escambray and during the October Crisis, we have walked in tight as the silver in the Andes’ roots, to honor Jose Marti, synthesizer of a memory of dreams, possible by the impulse of hope and faith that saves and protects.

The unity that Fidel gave to us is as authentic as our Martí, and true because the Commander-in-Chief bet on the man, for the utility of virtue, for human improvement, learned it from the master, practiced it and won.

Today Fidel continues to be life, people and country, those who longed with villainous desire his death, to achieve a new Cuba designed and dreamed from the outside, receive as boomerang the weight of the historical ignorance and wisdom.

Cuba is unity, resistance, solidarity and heroism, Cuba is Socialist Revolution and we will continue to advance as a nation from day to day to the great battles, with the privilege that Fidel lives in each one of us and the commitment that his ideas and examples will last for the eternity.

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