With women we always have to count. They show their gifts putting in them a dose of love, tenderness, dedication and sacrifice to the daily hustle and bustle at home, in the work center, in the neighborhood and in each space.

Today's society, unlike other times, has them in mind, because they work in industries, research centers, housing construction, driving machinery, working the land, as actresses in roles that previously were only for men, and in multiple tasks they assume as mothers, daughters, wives and housewives.

And it is because like queens they face the challenges of life and the surrounding environment, reassuring that the so-called weak sex, is the impeller of the plans that highlight the value of the Cuban Revolution, its humanist character, solidarity, altruism and other values

Fidel’s thought lives in the women of Mayabeque, in their creative work in the National Center of Agricultural Health (CENSA), the Institute of Animal Science (ICA), in the old sugar mill Amistad con los Pueblos, Agrarian Production Cooperative (CPA) ) Cubano-Bulgara and other industries that he visited for years.

The females discover legends, with a special sensitivity, they are protagonists of dissimilar stories that mark the traditions of this country and have the merit of contributing to the progress of the nation because they are committed to their people, the one who has seen them increase in the personal and in the professional.

With women, we must always count on the fact that, as Fidel said, "there has been no economic, social and political task, there has been no scientific, cultural and sporting achievement, there has been no contribution to the defense of our people and the sovereignty of our Patria, that has not counted on the invariably enthusiastic and patriotic presence of the Cuban woman ".

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