Harare_ The Zimbabwean press highlights on Tuesday the work of late Cuban leader Fidel Castro and the impact of his life on the African continent, on the occasion of the second anniversary of his death, Prensa Latina reports.

The Legacy of Fidel Vive, published by The Herald newspaper, contains an extensive interview with the Cuban ambassador in this country, Carmelina Ramirez, who addressed the work of this man who said 'he dedicated his life to fighting for social justice and for education with a new sense of humanism, sacrifice and solidarity '.

Fidel is an icon of the Cuban Revolution that left a permanent mark on his people thanks to his prodigious intelligence, vision, rebellious nature, sense of justice and honor, committed to the struggle for justice and humanism, the diplomat said. Cuba is today a model, she added, because of its social standards of life, free access to education, health systems and social welfare for all its citizens without any discrimination despite the economic blockade of the United States since 1962.

He recalled that the first contribution of Cuba in Africa was not in Angola, but in Algeria, where the first doctors attended and stressed that his country has offered its solidarity to the Third World countries by sending thousands of doctors, as well as offering education to tens of thousands of young people from those nations.

This is Fidel's legacy, to defend our independence at any cost, said the Ambassador.

Africa has not forgotten Cuba, that is not true, said the diplomat who said that her country receives African solidarity in several forums.

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