Cuba_ For a Yes for Cuba in the constitutional referendum and with a refusal to Title III of the Helms Burton Law, will start today in the working groups of the Food Industry of the country for January 25, the activities of the day of the worker of the sector, Radio Reloj publishes.

In support of the Revolution, during the day, the mobilizations to strengthen the internal reserves of efficiency in each work center and the measures to improve the updating of the Cuban economic model will be intensified.

It is also an objective to develop activities with young people to rescue values such as patriotism, dignity and hard work, as well as honesty and the correct use of patriotic signs.

In the acts for the day of the worker of the food industry, a memorial tribute will be paid to the martyr Pedro Marrero Aizpur├║a sector.

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Category: The Voice of the People in the New Constitution
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