Fidel Castro Ruz said many memorable phrases that reflect both his personality and his political thinking. Optimism was one of his main qualities and he always tried to surround himself with people with these characteristics. 

Havana_ Millions of Cubans celebrate today the 59th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, which took place on January 1, 1959 and after which began a path of social demands that continues in the present, Prensa Latina reports. 

The victory of January 1, 1959 and the beginning of a stage of transformations put an end to a system that favored the political and economic elites in order to begin the creation of a country for the benefit of the majority of the population. 

Cuba shines like an authentic flower of renewed petals, but of equal shades and fragrances, the Revolution arrives at its 59th birthday. The happiness is gigantic because every page written since then praises the work of all and is proof of the resistance and heroism of a faithful people. 

La Paz_ The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, greeted today the Cuban people and government, especially its president Raúl Castro for the 59th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolutionin that Caribbean nation, Prensa Latina reports.