Cuba shines like an authentic flower of renewed petals, but of equal shades and fragrances, the Revolution arrives at its 59th birthday. The happiness is gigantic because every page written since then praises the work of all and is proof of the resistance and heroism of a faithful people. 

Pride that multiplies the commitment is breathed throughout the Island, confidence in the future, loyalty to the principles and the conviction that we will continue to make the road together.

This are 59 years of true freedom, full enjoyment, determined Cubanness, rebellious spirit, revolutionary intransigence, solidarity and altruism.

Cuba reborns this January 1st, in which we evokes the one who gave us light when everything was dark. Hatuey burned at the stake, the decorum of Mella, Abel radiating light and five men turned into heroes for the foolishness of living without price, that's Cuba.

Fidel in verb and action, Martí in every victory, a people defying terror, injustice and building peace with blood and sweat, with talent and will.

That is why Cuba shines and celebrates these 59 years of glory, begins to travel the Revolution to the 60th anniversary with united and well thought step, Cuba advances with firm prow towards the future and every first day of January will be another year of Socialist Revolution.

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