The victory of January 1, 1959 and the beginning of a stage of transformations put an end to a system that favored the political and economic elites in order to begin the creation of a country for the benefit of the majority of the population. 

We are millions of men and women, young and old, all races.

This extraordinary and diverse people is the result of a culture and political consciousness forged and accumulated over the years.

This collective conscience was savior and definitive during the difficult  moments of the special period, and remains essential for these times of updating and searches.

The attempts of seduction, the ahistorical and soft discourse, the artifices and the dazzling have hooked a few.

The sacrifices that the revolutionary feat implies, our mistakes, the weakness of spirit, have alienated others. But the immense majority continues on this side of History.

Our greatest challenge is to change every day that political majority into a conscious and capable ideological force for battle; in dynamic and active economic force for the development.

The Cuban Revolution, after multiple vicissitudes, temporary setbacks and an unstoppable final offensive, demonstrated the real viability of the historical project conceived and put into practice by the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz.

The historical leader of the Cuban Revolution warned about the dangers that haunted humanity, and called on developed countries to take their place as protectors of it, and not as its most bitter detractors.

From his stature as a universal thinker, he called for sensitivity, for union, and for the commitment of each human being with those around him.

His own concept of Revolution is the materialization of the ideals that he promulgated.

The strategy and tactics, the methods of struggle and the program hoisted in "History Will Absolve Me", in the judgment made on October 16 of the same year 1953, in which Fidel defended himself and his companions before the regime of Facto and where he exhibited the Moncada Program, were crowned with success.

The transcendence of the Cuban Revolution was and remains an indisputable fact.

It marked, with unusual new strength, the course of the history of the world revolutionary movement in the Western Hemisphere and, especially, in the Latin American and Caribbean history.

We will be looking to the future from a collective and committed perspective.

The main weapon of Cuba is its historical memory.

Remember Fidel when he said "we will start the march and we will perfect what we must perfect, with meridian loyalty and united strength, like Martí, Maceo and Gómez, in an unstoppable march".

It is a great fate that the Revolution has so much dedication, purity, so much dreaming and audacity as its foundations.

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