Fidel Castro Ruz said many memorable phrases that reflect both his personality and his political thinking. Optimism was one of his main qualities and he always tried to surround himself with people with these characteristics. 

For the Commander it was unacceptable that a revolutionary had pessimistic aptitudes when building an independent nation, this determination was made manifest during the exile in Mexico, when he constantly repeated the words "If I leave, if I arrive, if I enter I will triumph", and he achieve it.

In his more than six decades in the front line of world politics we must recognize his capacity for oratory, from his pen, speeches and reflections that more than one put to think, rises.

The sagacity of the Cuban leader immortalized him for history and there are those who compare him with the great military strategist Napoleon Bonaparte. The Rebel Army marched by his side, as his faithful people will always march.

This first of January we celebrate the 59th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, a fact that demonstrates the constancy and skill of Fidel. His legacy will be valid in every social work and in the hearts of all Cubans.

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