Havana, Cuba__ In a result without precedents, 191 countries voted the Cuban resolution against the Blockade of United States, while this country and Israel abstained, Granma newspaper publishes.

In the General Assembly of the UN, the chancellor from Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, denounced the validity of the American blockade against the Island, in spite of the bilateral approach in the last two years.

Few minutes before the voting he recognized the advances in the dialogue and the cooperation between Havana and Washington, but insisted that the unilateral measures persist and are applied rigorously.

Rodríguez called judging by the facts, and these they demonstrate this policy's validity and his impact in the Cuban population and in the development of the bigger of the Antilles.

The FM also remembered the continuity of the extraterritorial reach of the blockade imposed more than half century ago, and his consequences for the international community.

According to the Cuban official, the vote in the General Assembly against the Blockade is in favor of the ethics and the justice.

Regarding the abstention announced by the permanent representative from United States before the UN, Samantha Power, he considered it a positive step for the future improvement of the bilateral relationships.

This is the 25th occasion in which the Assembly pronounced on a resolution that ask the end of the blockade, for being a measure contrary to the International Right and the Letter of United Nations.

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