Havana_ Over 8 million Cubans are voting Sunday to elect the 605 members of the National Assembly and 1,265 delegates to the 15 provincial legislative bodies of the People's Power. 

The report published in Prensa Latina explains that by means of free voting, which is secret and egalitarian according to the 1992 Electoral Law of Cuba, the registered voters will go to the ballot boxes in 24,470 electoral polling stations in the island's 168 municipalities.

National Electoral Commission (CEN) president Alina Balseiro stated Thursday conditions were already created for the second stage of the 2017-2018 general elections, after having elected a total of 12,515 delegates were elected last year, for the 168 municipal assemblies.

Last Sunday a test trial was conducted to check all the elements of the voting system, scrutiny, calculation and analysis of information, as well as to identify likely problems to be overcome, Balseiro said.

The difficulties detected were solved in the course of the week,' she said.

In statements to Prensa Latina, CEN's vice president Tomas Amaran highlighted the strength of the Cuban electoral system.

Official data show that since 1976, when the current Constitution came into force, more than 90 percent of those registered in the census have participated in all the elections, which in Cuba are officially accessed upon reaching the age of 16.

For the elections, more than 200,000 citizens were trained to work at the voting process as electoral commissioners and supporting staff at polling stations.
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