It’s a municipality of Mayabeque province. The name comes from the native voice Axaruco which means freshwater stream, which shows the existence in this territory of a river that from primitive times was linked to the life of the inhabitants of this land (the river San Juan de Jaruco that crosses the town, in which margins there is evidence of the presence of aboriginal settlements and where the population initially emerged).

It is located to the east of the province and limits to the North with the municipality Santa Cruz del Norte, to the South with the municipality San José de las Lajas, to the east with the municipality Madruga and to the West with the municipality of Habana del Este. It has a territorial extension of 275,7 km2.

Popular Councils:

  • San Antonio
  • Caraballo
  • Bainoa - Casiguas
  • Tumba Cuatro


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