Pioneers guard the ballot boxes and not soldiers with weapons, as used to be before 1959. People gathered in polling stations to exercise their right, is the vote to the most capable, those who represents the interests of the people in the governing body.

Today is a different day and it is that Fidel is not physically present, but he is everywhere, the people make him their own and become an accomplice of that one who did so much for the dignity of his people and of other latitudes.

First stage of the elections and no matter hurricanes, blockade, imperialist interference, as always good Cubans come together, that is the answer, it is the vote that affirms that here remains the continuity of the ideas of a leader who made history.

The worthy homage, to improve what we have, toto  be better in each position, revolutionize the country that great man made shine in America and the universe, this Sunday we undoubtedly are riding with Fidel.

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