When on Saturday, July 21, the deputies to the National Assembly of People's Power supported the foundations of the Constitution Project of the Republic of Cuba, that was being presented and debated at the first regular session of the ninth legislature at Havana’s Convention, not only was the voice of the president of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cubam Miguel Barnet Lanza, who referred to the physical presence of Fidel in the plenary.

The leader, the Commander in Chief and living example of what must be a son of the Motherland, of lucidity and humanism, accompanied each delegate in the days of debate, since in Fidel lived a visionary in every way, in advance to his time, conscious and organic with what is proposed in the concept of Revolution

The fidelity of Fidel, the coherence of his thought with the Moncada program is in the peculiarity of the new constitutional reform when adding the component of social justice, respect and equal rights and opportunities for women, among others.

It is in the conviction of Deputy Mariela Castro Espín, when she declared that she was convinced that if the undefeated commander could have participated in this special and important moment, he would be working on the agreements related to its inclusive character.

The legacy of Fidel is in the present of the Revolution itself, in its democratic character and in its purpose of never lying and that is the whole process of discussion, analysis and approval by the people of which it is without place doubt the constitution of the future, a law of laws for this and the times to come.

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