Santiago de Cuba, Cuba_ The young people of the Academia de Canto Mariana de Gonicht, under the direction of maestro Hugo Oslé, will carried out a patriotic concerts tour in Santiago de Cuba from today and until the 24th, in homage to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro , Radio Reloj publishes. 

The necropolis of Santa Ifigenia, the Memorial House Vilma Espin, the Mausoleum of the Second Eastern Front and Birán, will be the scenarios for these applauded voices for the Homeland.

Hugo Oslé informed that the musicians will interpret a repertoire dedicated to the historical leader of the Revolution, with themes such as His name is pueblo and Riding with Fidel.

He said that they cannot celebrate an anniversary of the academy without first honoring those who respected and loved the teacher Mariana, in allusion to Fidel and Vilma, who were very close to the famous Russian singer and pedagogue based in Havana.

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