Havana, Cuba_ If Villa Clara is known as the city of Che, Santiago de Cuba can be considered as the city of Fidel and not only because it keeps the remains of the Commander in Chief. 

The presence of the historic leader goes beyond the beautiful cemetery of Santa Ifigenia and it expands on a city where almost half a million people live.

Fidel is everywhere in Santiago, says the historian Elizabeth Bongo, a young graduate of the Oriente’s University. From a viewpoint that dominates the city, the historian assures us that Fidel is now in the hearts of all the people of Santiago, because he is our most eternal young man and our idol.

That special devotion of the santiagueros has expression in neighborhoods like Boniato, in whose old jail he was detained after the failed Assault to the Moncada Barracks and where later he was elected deputy to the National Assembly.

The beloved presence

In the middle of the tribune of the Plaza de la Revolución in Santiago de Cuba there is a photo of Fidel, with his traditional olive green uniform and a rifle on his shoulder. On one side, another image presides over the esplanade, accompanied by the legend Santiago de Cuba, rebellious yesterday, hospitable today, always heroic.

On Garzón Avenue, from a gigantic image located on the side facade of a high building, the leader looks smiling towards the steep streets of the city and to one side a text says: For Cuba, with Fidel, Revolution.

Nearby are also the images of Fidel, Raúl and Almeida. In the extensive and crowded Enramada Street, the presence of the leader is almost permanent in every corner, with photos or phrases. And it is that this special bond with Fidel overcomes a deep political link and confirms the unrestricted support of the people of Santiago to the Revolution.

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