Mayabeque, Cuba_ The mark of Fidel Castro Ruzwas prolific in Mayabeque with the gestation of several agricultural, industrial and scientific projects of great influence on the socioeconomic development of the province and the country, Juventud Rebelde publishes. 

Institutions such as the National Center for Agricultural Health (CENSA), the institutes of Agricultural Sciences (INCA), Animal (ICA), Horticultural Liliana Dimitrova or the Agrarian University of Havana (UNAH), among others, are the result of the vigilance and perseverance of the Commander to promote science here and link it to agricultural activity.

With the screening of a documentary that covers various passages of the leader of the Cuban Revolution in the demarcation, a representation of Mayabeque paid homage to the Head of the nation one year after his physical disappearance.

With the presence of Juan Miguel García Díaz, member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in this territory, and Tamara Valido Benítez, President of the governing body, a cultural political gala was held at the headquarters of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power, the same place where a year ago the sad people expressed their pain before the departure of the eternal guide to immortality.

The inauguration of the photographic exhibition Eternal Presence and the gift of several musical themes, interpreted with the solemnity that the date implies, were part of the honors and the expression of the commitment to continue defending his thought and action and thanking his work.

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