Cuba_ Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on December 10, the date on which the approval of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is celebrated, in 1948, by the General Assembly of the United Nations.  

Before this event,  it comes to my mind the millions of children who stay in the streets, and others subjected to forced labor, child prostitution, to ensure their family support.

Illiteracy and lack of medical attention are other scourges that mark the reality of the world's poorest people. Thanks to the justice spirit that always accompanied Fidel, today, in many nations the most dispossessed saw the light of knowledge with educational programs. The Cuban teachers were protagonists of that feat.

And what to say of those professionals and technicians of the health sector who challenged the roads of difficult access to provide a vital service to those who were not entitled to those privileges. Thanks to them, many knew the colors of a totally different horizon.

For these and for several reasons to speak about human rights, it is essential to mention Cuba, a country that materialized the social projects to which its leader, Fidel Castro Ruz, aspired in the plea of ​​self-defense: History Will Absolve Me, presented at the trial against him on October 16, 1953, as the author of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks, in Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo, respectively.

His work today is translated into schools, hospitals, scientific research centers, in the living conditions of the Cuban peasantry, in the programs to ponder the presence of women in different areas of society.

It is up to all Cubans to defend and promote those achievements that today are flags before the world.


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