Havana, Cuba__ Students from the Salvador Allende and Fulgencio Oroz Pedagogical Institutes are already in an organized form, leading the block of the Young Communists League (UJC) that starts the parade at 07:30 (local time), this May Day, at the José Martí Revolution Square, Radio Reloj publishes.

All the points of concentration of the working people near the esplanade in front of the monument to our Apostle are overflowing with joy, combativeness, youth and color.

The motto: Our strength is in unity, stands out in all trade union blocks, backed by Cuban flags and initiatives of the labor collectives that are agitated to the rhythm of slogans, music and cheers.

José Martí Revolution Square vibrates again before the world, with the legacy of Fidel present and with the support of the working people to their top leaders.

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