Havana: The Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, rejected on Sunday the pretext of the coup authorities of Bolivia for the suspension of diplomatic relations with the Island, announced last Friday, Radio Reloj publishes.

We categorically reject the lies, distortions and unfounded accusations of the Bolivian coup government, the governor said in his Twitter account, where he attached the Declaration issued on Saturday by the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

The Cuban authorities denounced that Bolivia’s decision responds to pressures from the United States to impose the Monroe Doctrine, hostility against the Island and discredit the medical cooperation of the Greater of the Antilles.

The pressures that Donald Trump’s government exerts on other countries to force them to join their neoliberal, unilateralist and violating international law policies are known, the Foreign Ministry said.

The authorities recalled that, from the very beginning of the coup in Bolivia last November, US government officials pressed to impose the deterioration of relations with Cuba.

This included the persecution of Cuban doctors, harassment of diplomats and aborting the medical cooperation that benefited the Bolivian people, the text published on national television added.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez also expressed his rejection on the Twitter social network where he clarified that it is not Cuba’s responsibility the suspension of diplomatic relations with Bolivia.

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