Mayabeque, Cuba_ The workers of the research centers of San José de las Lajas, belonging to the scientific pole of Mayabeque, discuss the Draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

In the Institute of Animal Science (ICA), the members of the areas of economy, human capital and physical protection held an exemplary debate with interventions that will contribute, qualify and improve the constitution in content and style.

With this action they became participants in the fundamental law on which the State is based and therefore the most important political and legal document of any country since it defines the foundations of the nation, the structure of the powers and their scope, and also guarantees the rights and duties of citizens.

On the other hand the professors of the Faculty of Social and Humanistic Sciences, initiated in the Agrarian University of Havana, the process of popular consultation, centering the debate on subjects like social, economic and cultural rights, the paper of the family in the society and the structure of the State and government, where interesting proposals were made, especially about the National Assembly of Popular Power and the Council of State.

The constitutional reform, our contribution to the future and continuity of the Revolution, is the maximum that guides this process to be developed in the rest of the groups of the National Tax Administration Office (ONAT) and in October it will be carried out in the Student Brigades of that high school house.

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Category: The Voice of the People in the New Constitution
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