Mayabeque, Cuba _ Around 15 meetings to discuss the Draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba were held up to this moment in the Popular Council of Caraballo, Jaruco, since the process began on August 13.

The President of the Popular Council of Jaruco, Aresky Pérez, informed that the main suggestions of the villagers are centered on article 85 of Chapter 3, referring to the right to recreation.

In this particular the neighbors of that Council were pronounced by the high cost of some recreational sites or in activities with first level orchestras whose entrance surpasses the 40 pesos.

In the debate on the draft of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba in Caraballo, the citizens suggested extending the compulsory nature of education up to the pre-university level, with the exception of young people who choose the trades.

On Chapter 3, Article 86, referred to living in a healthy and balanced environment, the villagers insisted that the law punish offenders in the care and preservation of hygiene in the community, because this should not be the sole responsibility of the State.

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