Havana, Cuba_ The words of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Army General Raul Castro Ruz, at the opening of the Seventh Party Congress, initiated this year Havana, causes a great impact in the media and Latin American countries, Radio Rebelde published.

The Venezuelan News Agency indicates that Cuba’s priority is to move towards updating and strengthening its economic model, to ensure the achievements of socialism.

Meanwhile, Correo del Orinoco newspaper highlights the authorities' commitment to social justice and the welfare of the people.

Meanwhile, the Political Commission of the Communist Party of Puerto Rico welcomed the holding of the Seventh Party Congress and noted that when the discouragement was tried to be imposed in humanity, the Island was able to keep alive the flame of the Revolution with the guide of its leadership.

"Despite the attempts of US imperialism from the very first day, to destroy its essence, the Cuban Revolution perseveres as an example for the peoples of the world", it also emphasized

In addition, the Political Commission of the Puerto Rican Communist Party wished the historic leadership of the Cuban Revolution, the greatest success in building a superior society, as they brave men and women have always dreamed of, during more than a century of fighting foreign domination.

Different sectors of the Cuban Civil Society are represented at the Seventh Congress of the PCC. The expectations of the delegates point to the commitment to discuss the most important issues of politics and the economy of the nation, where the people is the main protagonist.

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