Havana, Cuba_ The 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) ended Tuesday after four days of exchange of ideas on the actions to reach a more prosperous socialism in Cuba, Prensa Latina reports.

In the closing day of the event, with the presence of almost 1,000 delegates and 280 guests, at the Havana Convention Center, Cuban Revolution historical leader Fidel Castro Ruz took part.

Fidel Castro talked to the delegates ands guests, saying that the biggest danger for the preservation of the planet, might come from the destructive power of modern weapons, which might make life over the surface of the Earth impossible.

His brother, Raul Castro, was reelected as First Secretary of the Central Committee, and the responsibility as Second Secretary, came to the hands of Jose Ramon Machado Ventura

the Political Bureau of the Organization was comprised of 17 members, which included, in addition to the First and Second Secretary, Miguel Diaz-Canel, Esteban Lazo, Ramiro Valdés, Salvador Valdes, Leopoldo Cintra and Bruno Rodríguez.

Also in this structure Marino Murillo, Mercedes López, Álvaro López and Ramon Espinosa, who are joined by five new members: Ulises Guilarte, Robert Morales, Miriam Nicado, Teresa Amarelle and Marta Ayala.

The Secretariat, meanwhile, is composed by Machado, Abelardo Álvarez, José Ramón Balaguer, Olga Lidia Tapia, Jorge Cuevas and Omar Ruiz.

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