Sochi_ A pedestal to friendship rises for the peoples of the world in Sochi, a city assailed by young people from all over the world, in fraternal encounter without idiomatic borders, because there prevails the universal language of love and the struggle for peace in an instant embrace, in a hand that growths to help achieve the conquests of the other, Granma newspaper publishes. 

According to Suselys Morfa González, the first secretary of the Young Communist League (UJC), the Cuban delegation is experiencing intense days, growing not only with emotion and joy, but also with maturity in each one of the interventions.

So yesterday, they participated in the panels on Che and the solidarity with Africa, taught by Aleida Guevara March and the fight against imperialist wars and organizations, and the beginning of the Anti-imperialist Tribunal, which today will present the case of Cuba, in the voice of Elián González Brotons.

Monday's day closed with a solidarity meeting between the delegations of Cuba and Vietnam, where the first secretary of the UJC said that both peoples join hands and spirit to reaffirm their revolutionary and socialist positions.

Le Quoc Phong, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Union of Young Communists Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, noted that the Cuba’s strength is felt  at the Festival.

"For us Cuba always carries a flag. We believe that there is no one who has left his mark on young people like Fidel Castro did. We will further strengthen the bilateral bond that unites our peoples, " Quoc Phong said.

Conferences on illiteracy in the twentieth century and the struggle for its eradication, and the role of the student movement for public education, free and with quality are activities that will take place today in the world meeting.

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