Mayabeque, Cuba_ The president of the Provincial Assembly of People's Power in Mayabeque, Tamara Valido Benítez, explains the importance of exercising the vote in the historical moment that the country is living.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ From very early, the Electoral College No.2, of the Circumscription 21, in the municipality of Güines, opened its doors to citizens, to endorse the new Constitution of Cuba.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ Coinciding with this historic date, February 24, the 124th anniversary of the resumption of the struggles for the independence of Cuba, the inhabitants of the municipality of Bejucal exercise their right to vote for the new Constitution of the Republic.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The 50 electoral colleges of the municipality of Batabanó have received from the early hours the residents who attend to exercise the vote for the Constitutional Referendum, which reflects changes according to current times.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The Electoral Colleges in the six Popular Councils of San José de las Lajas opened their doors early to reaffirm the new Constitution.

Havana_ The President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, exercised his right to vote in school 3 of the constituency 57 of the Playa municipality in Havana, Cubadebate publishes.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The doors of the electoral college of Paula, in the People's Council, Santa Cruz 1, opened from 7:00 in the morning, where men and women will live a historic Sunday during the ratification process of the new Magna Carta.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ Since yesterday, there is people entering and going out  from Paula García’s house, which for more than 20 years has hosted the school No.1, of Circumscription 2, of the Melena del Sur municipality.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The inhabitants of Quivicán from early hours are immersed in the vote that will endorse the new Constitution.