This Sunday in the morning, Cuban streets will be taken by the revolutionaries. A whole people, in full exercise of sovereignty, will decide on one of the most important issues for the country: the approval in popular referendum of the new Constitution.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The residents of Nueva Paz will approve this Sunday the new Magna Carta for the present and the future of the nation, as the President of the Municipal Government, Carmen Rosa Sierralta Varela reaffirmed in her statements.

Cuba_ This Sunday, February 24, the Cuban people will make history again. Millions of citizens will go to the polls to exercise the democratic right to vote for the destiny of a Constitution that has been the fruit of the most collective of thought exercises.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The President of the Municipal Electoral Commission, María Magdalena Acosta Aguiart, told Radio Mayabeque Digital that more than 15,900 citizens with the right to suffrage are summoned to the democratic exercise.

Venezuela_ This Saturday in the morning a false positive was registered in the Colombian-Venezuelan border organized by the Government of Colombia and the leaders of the opposition of Venezuela, Telesur publishes.

Caracas, Venezuela_ The Venezuelan government ordered the temporary total closure of the Simón Bolívar, Santander and Unión bridges, land connections with Colombia, informed the vice president of the nation, Delcy Rodríguez, Radio Reloj publishes.

Caracas, Venezuela_ Uncertainty and extreme tension are experienced on both sides of the Colombian-Venezuelan border, on a date marked to force the entry of the supposed humanitarian aid, considered the spearhead of an aggression, Radio Reloj publishes.

Havana, Cuba_ Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez denounced the imposition by the United States of a statement to be issued Monday by the Lima Group accusing Venezuela of preventing the entry of alleged humanitarian aid, in case a cargo does not violate today the border of the South American country, Radio Reloj publishes.

Havana_ We are a people of peace that are carrying in our social genetics the sacred fire of freedom, said today the business in charge person of the Embassy of Venezuela in this capital, Vivian Alvarado, Prensa Latina publishes.