TURNAT is a Nature Tourism meeting being held in Cuba since many years ago.

It is ideal for Cuban and foreign tour operators to visit places that allow exploring or confirming tourist programs in the categories of Ecotourism: walking, bird watching, rural tourism, cycling, among others.

This year it will take place in Granma, because Baracoa, Topes de Collantes, the central north key area, Ciénaga de Zapata and Viñales have already hosted this event that shows the human need to renew the relationship with the environment.

We have six biosphere reserves: Guanahacabibes, Sierra del Rosario, Cienaga de Zapata, Caguanes, Baconao, Cuchillas del Toa, and national parks such as Alejandro de Humboldt, Granma Landing, Topes de Collantes, Montemar, Viñales, without forgetting other protected areas: Laguna Guanaroca, Loma de Cunagua, Pretiles de Mantua.

It's great that this happens and grows. I think, then, in something that had been spoken long before Havana was again fragmented into Mayabeque and Artemisa. Is it perhaps the Viñales of Havana? - now Mayabeque-?: Escaleras de Jaruco, a place I visited in my childhood and where I continue going with the same question: why if it is so close to the capital, it is so difficult to form here the infrastructure to develop cycling, hiking, bird watching?

The general view that offers the north coast, from Havana to, at least, Santa Cruz del Norte, also with the poetry of the night journey, from the balconies of an imaginary hotel of an invitational architecture, a panoramic dinner in El Arabe, are interesting places of our geography where tourism can be exploited.

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