Mayabeque, Cuba_ The neighborhood, that space that shares reasons, experiences, infancy, the past and the present, became vital scenery when its inhabitants gathered to distinguish the delegates attending the Seventh Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, the digital site of Radio Camoa, publishes.

That was what happened in La Marina neighborhood, in San José de las Lajas, when the people that live there saw off Tamara Valido Benitez, president of the Assembly of People's Power in Mayabeque and member of the Cuban Parliament, who will attend the party conclave beginning on coming April 16.

Who saw her grow, her friends from childhood and adolescence, her neighbors in general, attended the meeting that made of this a different night, where the community showed their pride because Tamara is going to represent them in the most important event of the Cuban communists.

Demonstrations of joy, feelings, that nature that characterizes Cubans were evident in San José de las Lajas’ neighborhoods where the delegates attending the Seventh Party Congress from 16 to 19 April, live.

The president of the Assembly of People's Power in Mayabeque thanked those present there and spoke about the commitment that represents participating in the Congress, due to the historical moment living the country, to represent all the people and by the certainty that the every aspect to be evaluated and approved there will be done for the benefit of Cuba, the improvement of its social system and the defense of the political organization.

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