Havana_ From today and until next Tuesday, the delegates and invitees of all the country are analyzing the path of the Cuban society during the sessions of the 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) opened this Saturday at Havana's Convention Center with the presence of President Raul Castro, first secretary of the Central Committee of that political organization, Cubadebate reports.

Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, second secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, presented the agenda and declared the Congress inaugurated, which the attendance of 995 delegates from the thousand that form the conclave.

This afternoon, the delegates will work in four committees, which will also session tomorrow at the Conventions Palace in Havana.

On Sunday afternoon it will be carried out the presentation, discussion and vote on the nomination of the Central Committee of Party.

On Monday during the closing day, it will be known the Central Committee elect as well as the Politburo members and the First and Second Secretary.

The first commission will discuss the conceptualization of the Cuban socialist model, the second, the development plan ahead to 2030, the vision of the nation, their axes and strategic sectors.

The third will assess the implementation of the Sixth Congress approved Guidelines and update for the next five years and the fourth, assess the realization of the Millennium Party work from its first Conference.

Thousand delegates and 280 guests attend partisan appointment and symbolize the most varied sectors of Cuban civil society, including a group working in the non-state sector of the economy.

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