Havana, Cuba_ Introducing the Central Report of the Seventh Party Congress, the Cuban President, Raul Castro said that Cuba undertakes an action plan against the diseases transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, Radio Reloj reports.

"This campaign should not be ephemeral, it must ensure its sustainability," added the president.

He further explained that the decisions on the economy may not mean a break apart with the ideals of equality and justice of the Revolution, or shatter the unity of the people around the Party.

"It is required sensitivity and political intent to advance in the implementation of the Guidelines and it is important to give more explanation to the people, and demand more discipline and greater and closer monitoring to the process of change," the ruler insisted.

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party stated that the most eloquent example of the complexity of this process lies in the monetary and exchange duality.

"Since the approval of the Guidelines it was clear to us that its implementation was not an easy way, free of obstacles and contradictions and that the changes required to update the economic model, would take more than five years," Raul explained.

He said that with the country advances gradually with the integrity necessary to achieve the success and pointed out that 21 percent of the 313 guidelines approved in 2011 have been fully implemented while 77 percent are under implementation now, and two percent have yet to be implemented.

In assessing the pace of the transformation underway, Raul Castro dismissed the application of the so-called shock therapies, which affect the most vulnerable sectors of society.

He emphasized that neoliberal formulas of privatization of state assets and services such as health and education, will never be applied in the country.

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