Havana, Cuba_ With the presence of the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro and Army General Raul Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Central Committee, began the final session of the Seventh Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, the digital site of the Cuban News Agency publishes.

In the plenary, Fidel greeted the delegates and guests, moments before the beginning of the closing session of the most important political event in the country.

The Seventh Congress ends today after a long preparatory process that lasted more than a year since it began in the grassroots organizations and reviewed the implementation of the economic and social guidelines of the nation.

In the great event, 21 percent of the guidelines adopted at the Sixth Congress were fully implemented, implying the approval of 130 policies and the issuance of 344 new legal norms of different ranks, modifying 55 and the revocation of 684 .

As a result of the process of updating the guidelines for the period 2016-2021, 87.5 percent of the 313 directives of the previous Congress are kept, amend or integrate with others, which together with the incorporation of 50 new for the coming five years, make a total of 274, structured in 13 chapters.

The Congress instructed the Central Committee of the Party to carry out a broad popular consultation of the conceptualization of economic and social model of socialist development and the basis of the national economic and social development until 2030.

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