Armed violence increases in the United States compared to 2020.

United States: The Archive of Gun Violence reported an increase in armed violence in 2021 in the United States, compared to the previous year, Cubasí reports.

According to the information published by the agency on the social network Twitter, in the last 11 months the deaths by gunshot exceeded 1,516 those of 2020 and there were 1,39 more people injured than in that year.

The total figures stand at more than 43,000 deaths from January to November 2021, making this year the deadliest for shooting-related incidents in the last 20 years.

In turn, the GVA specified that there is a prevalence of mass shootings (685 so far), which increases by 74 to the figure reported in 2020. In general, deaths due to these incidents have increased since 2014.

Other indicators of gun violence surpassed 2020 figures, such as when children (0-11 years), adolescents (12-17 years) and law enforcement officers were killed or injured.

Gun violence is a scourge in the United States because of easy access to guns. It is estimated that almost 42 percent of homes have at least one.

Similarly, the northern nation has 40 percent of the weapons that circulate in the hands of civilians throughout the world, with about 4 percent of the planet’s population.

Of more than 390 million firearms carried by civilians in this country, it is estimated that there are 102 weapons for every 100 inhabitants.

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