Electric Power Plan, the Challenge of Abandoning a Group of Defaulters

Saving electricity is everyone's job. Photo: Archive
Saving electricity is everyone's job. Photo: Archive

Mayabeque, Cuba: Mayabeque is among the provinces in the country that failed to comply with the electric power plan in August and that so far in September shows a similar overdraft, a problem to be solved with the help of state entities and the population.

The Director of Energy of Mayabeque, Nilaury Hernández Crespo, reported of the centers that do not comply with their plans and argued that on the one hand, the restrictions with the electricity service plans and on the other, the need for entities to objectively coordinate their assignments with national directorates, pose the need to act immediately and logically

The contribution to the country’s economy must also come from the homes of Mayabeque with the fulfillment of the measures oriented for each day. The residential area does not comply with the existing regulations during peak hours.

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Andy Duardo Martin

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