China Warns of Response to US Military Provocation

China Warns of Response to US Military Provocation
China Warns of Response to US Military Provocation Photo: Prensa Latina

Beijing: The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will respond immediately and with due forcefulness if the United States attacks the islands of the South Sea with drones or other devices, an influential media outlet reported today.

The Global Times newspaper denounced in an editorial that a military magazine in Washington for the first time in years published a simulated maneuver with the MQ-9 Reaper drone and in the background the map of China, which is seen here as a sign of war, Prensa Latina reports.

As indicated, this report coincides with new criticism from the US State Department for the construction in the Nansha Islands and information about the possible dispatch of the MQ-9 Reapers to destroy some parts and the infrastructure of that territory.

‘For China this would be an invasion and war aggression. Our only option will be to strike back hard at the enemy and teach them a lesson that they will never forget, ” Global Times said.

The Asian nation – it explained – will shoot down any US aircraft, manned or not that enters its airspace, but it will also bomb the bases from where they come out, if they damage the national islets and reefs in the South Sea.

He warned that an eventual attack on the Nansha would also lead to converting them into a military unit with full operational capacity.

‘The United States and its politicians must take our warnings seriously and not think that they can do what they please (…) In 1950, China had the courage to fight in a bloody war against the American army. Today we will not hesitate to act in the face of extreme provocations and attacks”, he added.

In recent months, tensions between the world’s first and second powers have risen and several analysts agree that they could trigger an armed conflict, especially over the issue of the South China Sea and Taiwan.

Regarding the island, Beijing carried out military exercises around it as a deterrent to its separatist plans, the visits of Washington representatives to Taipei and the incursion of US ships in the area.

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