The Entire Health Network Is Restored without Visits to Hospitalized Patients

Sanitation in hospitals is vital.
Sanitation in hospitals is vital. Photo. CP

The Prime Minister clarifies that the path to the new normality implies the reestablishment of the entire health network in the country, but, on the recommendation of specialists, visits to patients in hospitals are not authorized, the digital version of the Granma newspaper says in the follow-up given to the radio and television Round Table, with the presence of the Cuban President, Miguel Díaz Canel.

Only patients who really need it will be allowed to accompany a person. This will minimize the risks.


In the new normality, distance work is promoted for those activities and positions that warrant it.

Until December 31, the payment for results will be maintained in the business sector as established due to the behavior of profits.

It is ratified that in the case of a worker who is abroad, if requested, the administration can extend the leave without pay and protect the job.

In the case that the owner of a self-employed business is outside the country, the condition that he can be substituted by one of his workers remains.

The processing of labor procedures, which involve claims, among other issues, is resumed. Where there is a focus and the person must remain in quarantine, 100% salary treatment will be given.

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