Every October the Flame of Freedom Awakes

Thus began the difficult and heroic path of the Revolution.
Thus began the difficult and heroic path of the Revolution. Photo: Cadena Agramonte

The flame of freedom awakes every October 10 in Cuba, since that day in 1968 when Carlos Manuel de Céspedes gave the cry of independence.

Thus began the difficult and heroic path of the Revolution that until today we Cubans retrace, moved by strong feelings of patriotism and courage.

The significance of the historical event of La Demajagua is evident 152 years later in the firm decision of an entire people to have a free homeland or to die.

The father of the country called to fight for the independence of Cuba and the cause of freedom was joined by the Cubans with the passion of vehement revolutionaries.

The realization of those libertarian dreams began almost 100 years later, with the triumph of social justice and the right to live with dignity.

On January 1, 1959, the ideals of Céspedes and of all the patriots who fought for freedom, materialized with the beginning of the construction of a sovereign homeland in which all its children would be protagonists and true owners of their destiny.

The road has been complex and full of obstacles, imposed by the empire in its failed interest to destroy us and take away our freedom, but the will of our people to fight and win is always imposed.

152 years after the start of the libertarian wars, the flame lit by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes continues to light the path of Cubans. As Félix Pita Rodríguez said, if we forget the past, we run the risk of leaving the future defenseless.

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Maria Amalia Pérez

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